• Aerospace Consulting

  • Aerospace Training

  • Social Media, Full Suit of Customized Solutions (Contact us for 30 min. complimentary consulting service)

  • Small Business / Start-up Advisory

  • Global Trade Consulting

  • USA, Europe, South Americas Business Development (If you like to sell your products in USA, Europe or South America; please contact us, we have full suit customized solutions for you.)​

  • Global Trade / Offsets / Globalization  / Outsourcing Business Development and Consulting



We leverage strong global customer & partnership building skills within Arizona, USA, Globally to deliver compelling new business development opportunities, drive global sales and lead growth initiatives rooted in solid market/business intelligence and PNL goals. 



We are able to far-exceed  where customer satisfaction and company reputation is in the public eye within Arizona, USA and help you for global collaboration and services to grow local business within Europe, South America, Africa and USA.   



We offer complete consulting services for a broad range of organizational needs including Business Development, Offsets, Public Policy, Technology and Global Collaboration, which will impact your national bottom line and global sales. 

We can help you find the right solution for your business.  

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